26 December 2017: I am a princess in a magical, A poem

I am a princess in a magical

castle, and when I shine,

I glisten like a swift, shimmering night sea

happening to exist for an entire

Northern Lights.


I am a cakemaker: and each

day I make and eat and love and eat and make slice

after slice

after slice.

There are strawberry slices

and red raspberry

cream cheese

with icing fit for everyone – especially

the least of these.


So when the flour dough

bag burst from a

punctured wound,

I saw water droplets

dip into the mess

but bedazzle the snow

into sparkling,


bursts of fire

that lifted up high –

high into the treetops,

high above the bird

nests the flower beds

and the seas: the snow

became great luminous stars.

And as they twinkled,

each blinked:

            “You mean so much to me.”