5 October 2017: Mom voices want for relationship but

Mom voices want for relationship but 
reinforces unhealthy, 
avoidant-dependent patterns.
So        Orphan Brain adopted and readopts The Message:
“I     AM         UNWORTHY.”

Orphan Body enters the scene because she faithfully protects me.
She teaches me, saying,

And together, we get it done, 
exactly as we have been taught how.
We grow close,    and then we pull away.

So Mom yells, “All you want is my money. You are manipulative and irresponsible. I have been bending over backwards for you, you say I am not involved, and you push me away. It’s not fair!”

Don’t you dare    go drinking     
that bullshit     Kool-Aid. 
It’s disgusting. 
There is no sugar in it at all.