#9: Dear friend: My amazing ninja warrior. (a poem)

Dear friend: My amazing ninja warrior. 

Thank you, friend.

There is power in connection.

When I woke to day, your message was there to greet me. 

I didn't get out of bed at just that moment

because I was still too dizzy

and I have to sit still

in my bed

every morning

30 minutes

when I'm dizzy

lest I fall.

But while I was still

shaking off the dizziness

I looked at your message again.

And there it was: a sparkly, swirly, heart-shaped reminder that I have value. 

And it was just for me.

I did not have to share it with my therapist,

I did not have to portion it or pair it with components,

I did not have to think about it,

I did not have to quickly fashion a reply.

I did not have to grieve its existence,

and I did not have to table it for later.

It was ready for me. I was ready for it. 

And we set forth in to day.

It is important


had I not woken up this way

I may not have gotten on my way at all.

It's not so much that I accomplished much today.

It's that I still felt worth getting up for.


I am learning to say thank you more often than I say please,

and I am also learning to say anything at all,

and I am learning to internalize your love for me.

Thank you, friend, for your friendship.

You are expanding my wildest concept of kinship.


Photography © natalie rose eddings