I am alive.

I am alive.
© kendall crouther


I am alive.

I am alive like I have never

been before, and I stand

so tall I still grow queasy

breathing a new altitude,

but when I’m in my healthy self,

I grieve but waste not care

that cripples my spleen,

reopened eyes

or airtight assurance that

this is who I am and can

continue to be.


            do you know that I do not think

            I have ever looked forward to a new year? I have

            never once so enjoyed life

            that I feel thankful for

            a time frame, let alone

            extended one, and hoped

            so fearlessly that I can

            only imagine for myself

            good, well, pleasurable

            things in a future time

                                    to come.


                                    Good gracious:

                        do I hear myself

                        saying I want a

                        future now?

            Who am I?

                        a Dreamer?

PoetryKendall Crouther