Little Bird, Little Bird

Little Bird, Little Bird
© kendall crouther


“Little Bird, Little Bird,

Let me in.

Let me be your

very best friend.”


“What?”  said the Little Bird.

“No, thank you, very



Who is that crazy man

who’d think I’d trust like such?



“Pineapples! Pineapples!

Come and get them fresh!

Little Bird,


                        you, see them!

Try them! Put them to the test!”


“What?” said the Little Bird.

“It’s the weekend, crazy man!

I’m a teacher. There are no weekend grades.

I live breathe eat that plan.”


“Flowers for free,

flowers for free,

smell them,

touch them –

they’re on me!”


“It’s the crazy man again!”

said Little Bird.

“Look what he does all day.

Distract, call and lie to me.

How can this really be?”


The crazy man left Little Bird

to fly about her life.

But Little Bird was

somewhat sad later on

that she never became his wife.