How does "Rewiring" connect to your faith?

"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." 
2 Timothy 1:7

I believe that God is Who gives me my Worth. But before understanding this, and the price He paid for it, I tried to hustle for my worth and meet my own needs. This was not effective, but I did it anyway, because it 'worked,' even if only temporarily. Because I have a body, soul, and spirit, that lifestyle impacted me holistically. Thinking "I am what I make myself" impacted my whole wiring. This is what I often refer to as my orphan brain or deprivation-based mindset that I can't just 'get over.' That "I fix my own broken pieces" mentality feeds the belief that I'm not unsure anyone loves me.

When I understood that God saw the ways I felt deprived and 'Adopted' me anyway, I became to free to stop operating out of that orphan mindset. I could stop striving to please Him and then do whatever felt good to cope afterward. God did not agree with my choices but saw beyond the surface to notice that I felt unworthy. He knew I felt unworthy because He saw my imperfections. But He still saw value in me because I am fashioned in His image. I never deserved worthiness because of my choices. I was inherently worthy because He said so. End of story. The only strings attached were His plan to reconcile my lost, wandering is to Himself. 

Even though I can sometimes recognize His kindness and Grace, I still have all these habits of manipulating others and situations to ensure I get my needs met. I've seen how He works through my care team to renew my mind to steward a recovery-focused body. That Rewiring Circuits process is His means of Grace.

For this reason, I do not believe in shaming others, no matter how bad their choices. I could be wrong, but I feel very few people wake up intending to damage the world, even if they're blindly doing so. After all, isn't that the same reasoning behind mistreating ourselves and others? People make poor choices, but there's always a deeper reason.

In my experience, anytime I've told or thought someone is bad for making a bad choice, it doesn't bring them a true understanding of why their patterns are ineffective. Those patterns meet a need, even if it is short-lived. And really, I'm not so much concerned about specific actions as I am noticing unmet needs. I really think God's heart is similar.

God sees every way I ineffectively overwork myself in ways that manipulate our values, but His eyes zoom in on the brokenness underneath. I 100% receive consequences for my actions, or His Grace to cover them, but He doesn't eternally punish me for lacking temporary change. I need a new identity.

I need Him to refashion me, dig deep and uproot whatever darkness is circulating my veins. And because nothing on this earth is perfect, and I'm its resident, I'm always going to need His direction to refocus on values that sustain a living. Consider this a de-psychological-ization of therapy work.

Kendall Crouther