Kendall at the National Eating Disorder Association's 2017 Walk 2017 in Port St. Lucie, FL at Tradition Square (10-21-2017)    Photography © kendall crouther

Who is Kendall 'Kedall' Crouther?

Kendall 'Kedall' Crouther is a Licensed TN Educator and Emerging Artist in Memphis who creates interdisciplinary curricula and programming for urban learning spaces that teach interpersonal communication skills. She earned her Masters in Urban Education from Union University after studying English and Secondary Education at Elon University.

Two years into teaching, Kedall took emergency leave for healthcare treatment. 126 days later, clinicians had both successfully diagnosed and prepared her to live with what neurocognitive and mental impairments still impact her holistic wellness. That is not to say Kedall does not live well. Kedall lives vibrantly.

Kedall’s writing favors a poetic, narrative style. Graphic design, fine art, and mixed media are her more intentional mediums. For now, Kedall sparingly accepts art commission and sale offers; teaching and speaking terms, likewise. She spends most days chasing the three new earthlings for whom she cares as Ni-Ni (nanny).